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We are delighted to provide you a brand new trading experience with our fully Decentralized Trading Platform which allows incredibly safety, excellent privacy, and a super low fee.
*Note: CSDEX requires Metamask connected. For your best experience, please use Chrome browser with Metamask plugin enabled.


Experience an unparallel way on Decentralized Exchange Trading.


The Simplest and most transparent Way to get your token listed.

CSDEX - Earning returns to community


CSDEX is a decentralized marketplace to allows crypto asset holders to exchange their crypto assets. Powered by SmartContract, it lives on the Ethereum blockchain to serve the community. Anyone could exchange their ERC20 tokens via CSDEX at a very low fee. No registration is required. You could preview the dapp at the preview page.

CSDEX is fully decentralized and automated by utilizing Ethereum Blockchain technology. Thanks to blockchain, it offers unparallel security from being hacked and transparency to public. 

trade and earn VIA YOUR INFLATED Asset

Get the Freedom, free to trade, free to earn

Earnings is to be returned to the community in the format of inflated asset token, named CAT or CSDEX Asset Token. CAT holder can redeem the ETH value of CAT any time via CSDEX

This turns your CAT holdings into your valuable inflated asset as long as the DEX operates. CAT is going to be listed for trade in Q4 2019.

Preview of CSDEX

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Any contributions, comments, suggestions, enquiries, feedback or offer for helps from community is highly appreciated. Feel free to leave us your message on the social medias to allow CSDEX to better serves to the community. You could also send us your email message at [email protected]. Thank you!


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